Cash Advance - What are they?

A cash advance is simply a loan which can be provided by an individual, a bank, an online lender or any other source that is willing to lend someone cash until they next get paid. When you take out a cash advance loan you will be expected to repay the funds in full as well as any interest. However, if you fail to pay back the money on the agreed repayment date, additional charges may apply and you may find yourself in a worse off situation.

Cash Advance Loans - Do I need one?

No one knows your financial situation better than you, so you should consider asking yourself these questions first before applying for a cash advance loan.

  1. Do you really need a cash advance or could you budget until you next get paid?
  2. Have you asked your bank to help you first?
  3. Is it necessary?
  4. Can a friend or family member help you?

If you still feel that a payday loan is for you then you can apply here.

Cash Advance Loan Instant Decision

Applying for a cash advance loan with is easy! Our fast application process means you get an instant decision and if your application is accepted, you could have your money transferred directly into your bank account within 15 minutes!